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Our research into your family will use all possible sources of information to locate your family in the records and trace their ancestry.

We will use all available records of birth, marriage and death; along with wills, census records, property records, church registers, burials and much more to locate your family.

If you want some of the time to be used to research living relatives we will do so and connect you.

Copies of documents relating to your family such as birth records, property records, wills etc may be made and forwarded to you.

If you are unable to visit Ireland yourself we can make a visit to the homes and places known to your ancestors and photograph these for you.

As we research we can upload the information we find into our software and produce a family tree suitable for printing and display. This will show the generations of your family stretching back in time. An accompanying report will describe the research and show how everyone found is connected to each other.



Please fill in the form provided with details of the family that you know relating to their life in Ireland. The more information you can give the better. Try to provide as many names, dates and places as you know along with any other information relating to religious denomination, occupations etc

We will look at your information and reply as to whether we feel this research is feasible. Then we will make a proposal for research and the cost to carry this out.


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